The first description of scrooge emphasises essay

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The first description of scrooge emphasises essay

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Some analytical comments in the following commentary are indebted to Michael Patrick Hearn, ed. Page references are given in parenthetical documentation. The narrator states four times, "Marley was dead," leaving no room for misunderstanding.

And while Marley's business partner Scrooge is still physically alive, the omniscient narrator's description of Scrooge's character makes readers wonder what kind of "life," if any, Scrooge actually has.

Scrooge is drawn as a character so hard, solitary, and unfeeling-especially in contrast to the people and city around him-that it can be said he too, in a sense, is dead.

Readers can surmise that Scrooge's emotional-spiritual "death," just as Marley's physical one, "must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come of the story" the narrator is about to tell. One Christmas Eve-the narrator goes so far as to use the phrase, "Once upon a time," thus alerting readers to what genre the story that follows belongs-Scrooge is busily at work in his chilly counting-house.

The exact nature of Scrooge's work remains unspecified, but it is clearly financial, and that is what matters to Scrooge. As he works, Scrooge watches his here unnamed clerk, who struggles to keep warm by the meager light and heat of a candle on his desk.

Scrooge keeps the coal for the fire in his own office, and will not allow his clerk access to it-a small, almost sadistic detail that highlights Scrooge's misanthropic attitude. Scrooge's miserable character is thrown into further relief with the introduction of his also here unnamed nephew, who arrives with glad Christmas greetings for his uncle.

Scrooge famously responds, "Bah! His speech is important because it sounds one of the defining themes of A Christmas Carol.

Christmas, the nephew declares, is "the only time. People generally did not move between social strata as freely as they may today. The nephew's words represent, therefore, an attack on his class-conscious society, recognizing its faults even while celebrating its ability to transcend them-at Christmas, at least.

More broadly, the nephew's words fix our attention on Scrooge's prime failing: Scrooge-and, surely in Dickens' mind, each person who is like Scrooge-does not have a generous enough spirit to grant others human status!

The first description of scrooge emphasises essay

Scrooge's nephew invites his uncle to dinner, an invitation Scrooge refuses. Scrooge's nephew leaves after extending warm season's greetings to Scrooge's clerk.

As Scrooge's nephew exits, two other gentlemen enter. They seek donations to charitable work: Look for a similar, albeit more dramatic, personification of abstractions at the close of Stave Three.

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Through the words of the solicitors, Dickens attacks his society's inequities.At first, Scrooge argues with Marley, and angers him. "The ghost, on hearing this, set up another cry, and clanked it's chain so hideously in the dead silence of the night, that the wand would have been justified in indicting it for a nuisance."3/5(2).

The description of the Christmas party emphasises the giving personality of Fezziwig and the importance of caring for all types of people, rich and poor alike.

“In came all the young men and women employed in . It is essential to plan your essay – choose five key events from across the text (beginning, – Dickens use of repetition emphasises just how wonderful the party was. Jacob Marley / Marleys host the first sign of emotion within Scrooge as he becomes tearful looking at himself as a child The happiness he [ezziwig] gives, is quite as.

Feb 15,  · Furthermore, Scrooge emphasises the supercilious, uncaring nature of many wealthy businessmen and employers of the time, showing little care for the conditions that he makes his clerk work in.

Although the plight of Bob is less miserable and dangerous than many occupations at the time, Scrooge allegorically represents the hard-hearted callous. I. Dickens’s description of Scrooge bespeaks distasteful personal experience with money-lenders.

We know from the first pages that Scrooge is the most cold-hearted of penny-pinchers: “Oh! Essay Sample on Christmas spirit. share.

The first description of scrooge emphasises essay

” This emphasises if Scrooge cannot reform then that will be the consequence. In this stave we see a spark of Scrooge’s humanity and his first traces of guilt.

The ghost of Christmas present represents Christmas spirit, generosity and goodwill. He is a warm, towering man with a huge robe.

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