Personal theory paper

The paper must be written in APA format with appropriate citations and reference at least five sources three of the sources must be from professional peer-reviewed journals. Think about the following concepts and questions and integrate your answers into the paper as appropriate: What theory did you choose? Who is the main theorist?

Personal theory paper

Resource File Reflect on your previous assignments and the concepts, theories, and approaches you have learned about throughout the course.

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Create a resource file to use in your future classes and in your career that includes the following: A one-sentence summary of each of the following major theories: Psychotherapy Therapeutic Behavioral Cognitive Systems Multicultural At least two intervention strategies for each theory When the strategies should be used The type of client or setting where the strategy would work best Be creative with this section of the assignment.

Some possible ways the resource file can be presented are in a file folder, flash cards, poster, paper, handout, presentation, or a job aid. Personal Theory Paper Write a to word paper where you create your own intervention theory. You may combine theories or you can invent a completely new theory.

Include the following in your paper: Explain your personal theory and why you believe in it. Describe the theories and theorists that you relate to the best and why.

What surprised you most about the theories learned in class and why?

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Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Resource File and Personal Theory Paper Name CJHS/ Date Teacher Resource File and Personal Theory Paper Resource File “Psychotherapy is a process that focuses on helping you heal and learn more adaptive ways to deal with the problems or issues within your life.

Personal Theory Paper Evie Kuhn Liberty University Abstract This paper is the development of my personal theory on Christian Counseling. I use many scriptural references to support my beliefs and stress the importance of gaining wisdom and knowledge from the bible.

This application paper will discuss my personal theory of counseling or psychotherapy in a number of different areas.

Personal theory paper

Specifically, I will discuss the seven areas of interest. First, I will discuss and describe my basic view of human nature, Second, I will determine key factors that account for changes in behavior. This paper is intended to examine several of the theories and approaches to advising that can provide a solid foundation for advisors wishing to develop their own personal academic advising philosophy.

Personal theory paper

Resource file and personal theory paper Brittany07 University of phoenix CJHS/ Symokiraa Introduction Psychotherapy is the process by which helps one heal and learn more habituating ways in dealing with the hard or issues within one’s life.

Jean Watson - Jean Watson Research Papers discuss the theory on human caring, Paper Masters Custom Research Papers on Personal Philosophy of Nursing. Paper Masters writes custom research papers on Personal Philosophy of Nursing and will discuss the .

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