Minimum wage thesis

In the introduction, you should put the question in quotation marks and fix the grammar mistake:

Minimum wage thesis

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Then two or three broad, general statements, and the thesis statement. The federal government has imposed a minimum wage sinceand nearly every the state impose their own minimum wages.

These laws prevent employers from paying wages below a mandated level. While the aim is to help workers, decades of economic research show that minimum wages usually end up harming workers and the broader economy. Minimum wages particularly stifle job opportunities for low-skill workers, youth, and minorities, minimum wage is counterproductive and causes more harm than good.

Here you present the information you have collected, state the purpose of the topic, and assess its impact on the different economic actors. Various sources should be used and clearly listed. This claim is flawed, for a couple of reasons.

First, for a minimum-wage increase to help a single breadwinner earn money for his or her family, the worker must have a job and keep it at this higher wage. Increases in the Minimum wage thesis wage actually redistribute income among poor families by giving some higher wages and putting others out of work.

A National Bureau of Economic Research study estimated that the federal minimum-wage hike of actually increased the number of poor families by 4. Also a relatively small percentage of the workers directly affected are the sole breadwinner in a family with children.

A study by the Employment Policies Institute shows that in California, for example, only 20 percent of the workers who would have been directly affected by a proposed minimum-wage increase were supporting a family. The other 80 percent were teenagers or adult children living with their parents, adults living alone, or dual earners in a married couple 2- We often see capitalisim defined as a system based on the private ownership of the means of production.

Capitalism is about much more than this however. One of the major defining features of capitalist economy is the use of wage-labor and the existence of labor markets. Understanding the role of labor markets in capitalism is critical, and this is best achieved by understanding the historical development of capitalist economy.

Workers are no longer paid for the value of what they produce, nor do they retain rights to ownership of what they produce, instead they are paid by how little compensation someone else is willing to do the same job for.

Just as it is understood that market competition drives the price of other commodities down, it has the same impact on labor when labor is a commodity. Labor markets and other commodity markets are two separate and distinct markets. By separating the cost of labor from the value of labor, capitalists are able to increase profits.

Profits are generated in part by the difference between the cost of labor and the value that the labor has created. By having separate markets the demand for jobs creates different pricing on labor than the demand for goods and services creates on the products of labor.

It separates people from the value of what they produce, so no matter how much value a worker creates, their wages are governed by the labor market, not what they produce.Precision and Personalization. Our "Minimum Wage" experts can research and write a NEW, ONE-OF-A-KIND, ORIGINAL dissertation, thesis, or research proposal—JUST FOR YOU—on the precise "Minimum Wage" topic of your choice.

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Thesis Statement: The topic of raising minimum wage is a difficult topic and has many sides. The raising of minimum wage would greatly benefit the nation as it needs desperately financial stability for all the citizens. Raising the minimum wage would increase the overall health of all people, decrease birth mortality rates, and get rid of the need of government assistance for many of the %(29).

Minimum wage earners were worse off in than in or , though their numbers have improved since the implementation of the Fair Minimum Wage Act of (Elwell, ). According to a study by economists, 15 percent of American workers earned minimum wage in the s.

Minimum wage thesis

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