Essays and effluvia

There were three reasons I undertook this study:

Essays and effluvia

Safety; the Hazards of Kimmeridge Cliffs Note that there is some significant danger with regard to the Kimmeridge cliffs.

One danger, the main one, is risk of rock fall; the second hazard is that of being cut off by the tide. This applies particularly to the cliffs east of Kimmeridge, although it could also happen at Brandy Bay and elsewhere.

In general, keep out as far from the cliffs as possible. Some debris falls every day and if you are close to the cliff you are at risk of being hit by a rock-fall.


Because of the hazard of rock falls and it is a dangerous place to visit unless it is well-understood and proper precautions are undertaken. The cliffs are vertical and high and subject to erosion by the sea at the base.

The shale and mudstone is full of joints and fissures and not stable. Small pieces will tumble off from time to time as you walk along.

Essays & effluvia

More serious are substantial falls like the one shown above. These may occur without warning; suddenly there will be a loud crash and a plume of debris and dust. These happen particularly in certain weather conditions, such as when there is frost or rain and sometimes when the shale has dried in the hot sun.

If you are out on the low-tide ledges falling debris would not usually reach you but there is no guarantee of safety. The risk is greatest where the cliffs are highest, where there is joint-separated shale above and where there is evidence of a recent fall in the form of shattered debris.

With regard to this particular webpage on Kimmeridge Clay oil shale fires, it is quite obvious that any fire in progress is hazardous. Apart from the danger of catching fire it should be noted that splinters of hot shale can burst out of oil shale fires.

The fumes are nauseous, very objectionable, and should not be breathed. The ash could be harmful. Thus oil shale fires should not be approached closely and one should not remain downwind of such a fire.

Photographs shown on this website have been taken over a period of many years by the author and various other people. Some photographs are from organised field-trips, which may be those of the present author or of other geologists.

Many, though are from informal, private coastal walks, or from private, research field-trips. The photographs are for geological purposes only and are there to show rocks, not people or techniques.

Essays and effluvia

They are not intended to show safety procedures and no activities shown are necessarily intended to be copied. This website is about geology for geologists.

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The cliff, sea, tide and weather conditions vary greatly so always make your own assessment of the cliffs and conditions on the day, and arrange your coastal procedures in accordance. Always consult tide tables before field work at or near Kimmeridge.RECOMMENDED READING: "A Resolute Man" by Annie Proulx in the March 21st issue of The New Yorker, the jolliest incest story you'll ever the same issue, "The Go-Between — The Mexican actress who dazzled El Chapo" by Robert Draper, is an interesting account of the tripartite rendezvous of El Chapo, Sean Penn, and Kate del Castillo.

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