Antenna master thesis

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Antenna master thesis

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In Rhoon, traffic managers are enabled to anticipate to manage traffic when small to medium incidents occur. On the platform we made all data accessible and visible. The data is used to estimate motorway queues and urban queues. Goylaan Antenna master thesis For the city of Utrecht a Dante setup is made using video, loop, 24 radar detectors, bluetooth, manual counts, and public transport data.

For the first use case, the data is analyzed to estimate the effect on traffic flow in a before and after study.

Enabled to transform line data to directed graph of links and nodes for further network analytics, traffic engineering or else. Explore Future Traffic State of the art prediction algorithm. The power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to forecast near future geo data readings.

Feed your historic data through API to receive immediate service. Explore Visual Traffic Visualisation platform for Dante, presenting dynamic or static datasets in real-time or with the help of a time slider, at any temporal point of the dataset range.

antenna master thesis

Observe your data moving on the map. Standardising geo data for use with any other type of data format. Dante is pre-equipped with some default analytics algorithms to empower quick project results and customisable products.

Explore Off-the-Shelf Algorithms We have a rich set of pre-configured algorithms on our analytics platform that can be used out of the box. Congestion Trackers Algorithms to track, classify and enrich congestion patterns for capacity queues, urban queues and shockwaves.

Traffic Prediction Our 6th generation prediction algorithms merge machine learning with traffic flow theory and works on any type of traffic network. Network Analytics A rich set of motorway algorithms to determine location, activity and influence on bottlenecks.

GIS Standardisation Standardisation methods to fuse and interpolate heterogenous datasources and a generic data model that can connect to anything. Quick Setup Working with different data sources, protocols and formats has all been abstracted to quickly set up an endpoint and start handling data.

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Based on Smartmicro's doppler radar, we create a detailed realtime image of urban congestion on a per lane basis to allow fine grained network control.MASTER OF SCIENCE Chair of Committee, Gregory H. Huff Committee Members, Robert D.

Nevels techniques, and integration of an antenna to a low cost PCB with readily available fabrication process. The first antenna is a polarization reconfigurable slot antenna This thesis work is focused on the investigation of reconfigurable antennas.

Analysis of Channel Measurements Using Very Large Antenna Array Master's thesis: EITMrapportpdf Mohammad Salman () and Tomas Sidabras () Analysis of IPv6 Neighbour Discovery for Mobile and Wireless Networks Master's. I plan on doing a public Power Point presentation in a couple of months and just started to work on it.

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Master’s Thesis Proposal by Cheong Chan Advisor: Prof. Mitchell Walker Experimental Investigation Fast Plasma Production for the VAIPER Antenna a.m.

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Friday, October 7 Montgomery Knight Building Room Abstract. MASTER'S AND EDUCATION SPECIALIST DEGREES. Admission for Fall Semester. Admission for Spring Semester. Admission for Summer Semester. Applications received by the Priority Deadline will receive maximum consideration.

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