An introduction to the importance of hiring older workers

His rusty year-old Mercury Grand Marquis needed a new transmission. You might say Simoneau was rusty, too: He'd been either out of work or underemployed for four years. And he was 64 years old.

An introduction to the importance of hiring older workers

His rusty year-old Mercury Grand Marquis needed a new transmission. You might say Simoneau was rusty, too: And he was 64 years old. Forty-four percent of jobless workers 55 or older had been unemployed for over a year ina Pew study reported.

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And while older workers have a lower unemployment rate overall, the ones who lose their jobs can find the long hunt for work unbearable. To pay the bills, they tap their Social Security years early, permanently cutting their benefits and imperiling their retirement security.

Older workers are more likely to be burned out and less productive than their younger colleagues. They felt these applicants were more likely to be burned-out, resistant to new technologies, absent due to illness, poor at working with younger supervisors and reluctant to travel. Other studies have shown that employers assume older applicants are less creative, less productive, slower mentally and more expensive to employ than early- or mid-career employees.

But Peter Cappelli, a management professor at the Wharton School of business and coauthor with former AARP CEO Bill Novelli of the book Managing the Older Worker, has looked more closely at these stereotypes, pulling together research from fields like economics, demography and psychology.

Virtually none of them holds up. The juxtaposition between the superior performance of older workers and the discrimination against them in the workplace just really makes no sense.

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After graduating from Villanova inSimoneau settled outside Boston, raised a family, earned an MBA and worked in human resources at manufacturing and construction firms.

In a recruiter enticed him to leave his job and make more money at another company. That was injust as the Great Recession hit. At 60, Simoneau began hunting for a job. Real World Realities As a human resources pro, Simoneau knew that employers would have trouble looking past his white hair or the date of his college degree.

An introduction to the importance of hiring older workers

But he also knew to avoid the common mistakes of older job seekers. He kept his computer skills sharp and started an account on the social media site LinkedIn.

Most critically, he joined professional groups, went to association dinners, emailed and phoned contacts, and sometimes met them for coffee.

An introduction to the importance of hiring older workers

To make ends meet, he found temporary jobs — one in sales, another a low-paying position with a nonprofit. And he tried to stay positive. Older workers are unequipped to multitask and juggle the technological distractions of the modern office.

The cognitive skills that enable us to switch between tasks can be delayed with exercise and training. So a year-old who is smart and active could easily outperform a year-old couch slouch. Indeed, Simoneau had cause for optimism: Employers do find positive traits in seasoned workers.Introduction Writing-off the Over Fifties When B&Q, a large UK DIY (Do-It-Yourself) chain opened some importance as the company evolves its depot concept.

Under the depot concept, B&Q stores will aim COSTS AND BENEFITS OF HIRING OLDER WORKERS; A CASE STUDY OF B&Q 7 Table III. Major DIY Retail Chains in the UK Name of company. Challenges for Older Employees Many mature employees, age 50 or older, approach the job search with a defeated attitude and a bundle of resentment because of the potential for age discrimination.

While age discrimination certainly isn’t fair, a pessimistic or cynical attitude won’t help it get better. Running Header: Hiring Older Worker Seniors today are working longer and refusing to retire. At the age of 65 most seniors would routinely retire but because people are now living longer and need more money to continue to live the lifestyle they have grown accustom to, they have found that.


() notes the importance of viewing older workers as on-the-job mentors and suggests that another retention strategy would be to recruit older workers into leadership positions. Drawing on . If you’re looking to hire a new employee, an older worker may be your best choice.

Below are six ways older employees add value to an organization. Dedication and Loyalty A major advantage older workers have is they work because they WANT to, not because they HAVE to. Employers need more than money to hire older workers stated that they were more than likely to hire older workers, and considered age to be less important in making hiring decisions.

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