Abs module

Refer to your specific repair manual to locate the ABS module. Usually, the repair manual will have a drawing with an arrow pointing at the area where the module is mounted. At times, there will also be a written description that can be very useful.

Abs module

No promises are given explicit or implied. Any more and you're bound to f something up. This is your work area, the ABS module resides underneath the fuse box that lies behind the battery.

The battery and its tray must be removed, and the fuse box must be moved out of the way.

CHEAP ABS Module Repair for Audi

I tried a deep well socket but it wasn't deep enough. The ratcheting wrench came in handy here!

Abs module

Take a swig of your beverage. The magnetic retriever might come in handy here as the nut may fall off if you're not careful. Once the nuts holding the fuse box have been removed you can slightly move the fuse box out of the way, no need to remove it completely, but Abs module it moved upward you have enough room to get to the ABS module.

There are two electrical connectors on the module, a small one that connects from the bottom, and a large one that connects from the top. The bottom one has a sort of snap lock, you might be able to undo it by hand. I used a flat tip screwdriver and carefully unlocked the snap, then it slides down.

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The large one has a sort of tray lock, you need to slide this tray to the left side, and at the same time it unlocks and disconnects from the module. Once it's disconnected you just slide it to the side as on the picture. If you have the radiator overflow tank hose zip tied to it now is the time to cut that zip tie.

Picture shows vehicle with battery tray removed. Now you will use the T20 Torx tool to remove the hardware holding the ABS module to the brake system. There are six bolts, and they are hard to see. They are not captive, and come out going forward, which means that once they're loose they have a tendency of falling down onto the transmission.

Step 1: Remove ABS Computer

Here is where the magnetic tool comes in handy, I had the tool on them before letting loose of the T20 tool, avoiding loosing them. The right side ones are the hardest since it's a tight spot with very little visibility.

But you're not done yet Your module might be gone for a while mine took 30 days from shipping to receivingso you better do something to keep the metal pieces shiny!

Get some plastic bags, and cover the ABS pump connectors before you tighten that fuse box, then cover the electrical connectors. I used a large zip lock bag for the pump, and two small ones for the connectors.

You can't close the bag over the pump, but with the fuse box tightened over it the bag won't go anywhere, and you protect the shiny bits from mud, and water being splashed onto it. Picture shows zip lock bag over ABS pump with fuse box tightened over it. Now this is what you have: Save the screws somewhere for later installation I taped mine inside my glove box doorthen bubble wrap the module and ship it off to your rebuilder of choice!

Once you start your car this is what you'll see: Speedometer won't work, so you better have GPS for your speed. Odometer also won't work, so you get some free kilometers too I went through six gas tanks and my odometer didn't gain a centimeter Tachometer, fuel gauge, boost gauge and all else works as normal.

I mentioned it took 30 days to ship my module off and to receive it back home, but that's because I am stationed with the US Army in Germany, and even with USPS Priority Mail service it takes almost a whole week, maybe more, for a package to go from here to Virginia.

The module spent a whole of three or four days at Cheap ABS. The work itself took just a day. With shorter mail transit times you should wait much less while having no speedometer or working ABS. I would love to do like a Haynes manual and say "Installation is the reverse of removal", but I won'tSep 12,  · The ABS, or anti-lock brake system, module is located near the brake master cylinder on a Vectra.

It has four metal tubes . ECU Testing are experienced in ABS Pump Modules, this page looks at some of the most common ABS pumps that we deal with but if you can't find what you are looking for please get in touch.

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Abs module

modules are found in some Audi S4s are and are located under the . I highly recommend Module masters to any and all who are in need of this or any other service they iridis-photo-restoration.com wont be disappointed, Believe Me!" Michael D. - Florida "I want to thank you for the excellent repair of my BMW motorcycles ABS module.

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